Application for Studio Scholarships

Professional 3-D artists may apply for a studio scholarship after completion of their studies at a recognised university/academy. Recommended are 1-2 years professional experience and exhibitions of their work. Three-dimensional artists with no formal education may apply if they have been working as artists for at least five years and have exhibited their works publicly (in galleries, art spaces, museums) or have been able to exhibit three of their works in a public space.

There is no age limit for applicants. It can be interesting and profitable at any stage of an artist’s professional life to spend a number of months at the Centro Internazionale di Scultura in Peccia.

Studio scholarships are usually awarded once. However the jury is free to re-elect a previous scholarship holder.

The scholarships are publicly advertised once a year. The Artistic Committee may decide to personally invite potential scholarship candidates to apply, without this being a precedent for the jury.
The application dossiers of the scholarship candidates include a professional section and a personal section for the personal profile, including a motivation letter with at least five representative works by the artist, as well as the planned projects/realisable ideas for their stay in Peccia. The application is to be signed by the artist and attached to the email.

The jury decides independently on the assignment of the studios, bearing in mind the purpose of the Foundation. It assesses the submitted dossiers and considers not only the individual dossiers, but also the potential for a creative exchange among the scholarship holders during their stay. The cover letter and the project description carry weight here. Origin, nationality, gender, faith or age of a scholarship candidate are not relevant for the selection.